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Bubble Free Pro Refurbished Laminator.
Large Format Lamination Machine
For Sale & Wanted

Starting from £60pw, at a substantially lower price, you can purchase a Bubble Free Pro second hand large format laminator.
Speak to Graham for friendly impartial advice and ask for a price.

Bubble Free Pro Lamination Machine

Bubble Free Pro Vinyl Applicator


The Bubble Free Pro flatbed vinyl laminator is a mounting and laminating table operated by a single person to finish a wide range of materials.

The Bubble Free Pro applicator ensures there are no air bubbles or creases, and comes with a table size of 2.8x1.5 metres which is more than ample for most jobs.

This lightly used laminator can mount and laminate onto any flat surface up to 60mm thick.


Installation, Maintenance & Field Service
Printers supplied by LIYU UK nationwide team of experienced engineers and application specialists, who carry spare parts for the printers.


Bubble Free Pro Laminators Wanted


Next Step:  For a quote, advice on, arrange a demo, ask for a price or to place an order for the Bubble Free Pro refurbished laminator, please phone
 Graham Thompson on
01202 430733

WhatsApp m 07854 091094 
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