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Refurbished Large Format Printers
For Sale and Wanted

Second hand wide format inkjet printers for sale starting from £19,950 or financed from £99pw.
Discuss your project with Graham, get more information and a firm price.

Second hand large format printers

Second Hand Large Format Printer

More refurbished, used large format printers with differing specifications are due in all the time. Please check back, speak to Graham or request our monthly stock list.


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We purchase pre-owned large wide format Arizona, Canon, AGFA, EFI Vutek and Fugi printers from printing companies in the UK.
Our top quality second hand flatbed printers have normally been under manufacturers maintenance contracts, and are in excellent working order when we receive them.
However, our fully trained engineers check them, clean them and if necessary, refurbish any defective or near defective parts. You can rest assured that you will receive your used flatbed printer in the best possible condition.


Matoria have been selling used OCE Canon Arizonas and Fuji Acuity printers (both identical products) since 2004. We have over 100 customers in the UK.

Worldwide they have been the greatest selling UV flatbed printer sold over the last decade.

There is good reason for this, reliability, versatility of substrates used, and an industry accepted high standard of quality unmatched in its price range.

We have our own trained engineers, nationwide coverage, and carry spare parts for all models. Different levels of maintenance contract are available. All large format printers are thoroughly internally checked by our engineers prior to purchase and then refurbished. This ensures that you receive your printer in superb condition backed by our parts and labour warranty. We ensure trouble free delivery, installation, and training.

Excellent finance packages for refurbished wide format flatbed printers are available.

Did you know that you can purchase a new LIYU Platinum Q Printer for a similar price of a comparable used printer? Take advantage of government capital allowances on new equipment purchases - by saving up to 30% off the purchase price. There are no capital allowances on used machinery. See the new LIYU Platinum flatbed printers - choice of four CLICK HERE

Arizona, Fuji, AGFA, Canon & EFI Vutek Printers Wanted


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